Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Holidays tips

I can't believe it is already November! Where did this year go? Then again, don't we say that every year?

I thought I would take some time to go over the most frequently asked questions Daren and I get at the store during the holiday season. Here we go...

1. Is it best to smoke a turkey whole?

  • No. The most preferred way to smoke a turkey is to spatchcock it. Spatchcocking

2. What is the best wood to use for smoking turkey? 
  • Apple is probably the most universally used; however, any wood that you like can be used. There are no rules. Sweet woods tend to work best with pork and poultry. 
3. What is the best device used for smoking or roasting a turkey? 
  • The Turkey Dunrite seems to be the most popular device we sell during the holidays. 
4. Should I wet brine my turkey? 
  • Whether you choose to dry or wet brine is a personal choice. Both help with flavor and moisture. Most people probably prefer to wet brine their turkeys. The Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler is our most popular product as it has the brine, brining bag, and rub to put on the turkey. 
5. How do I keep my wings and drums from drying out during the smoking process?
  • Most people cover them in foil part of the way through the cooking process to avoid these smaller piece of the turkey from burning. 
6. Should I stuff my turkey when I smoke it?
  • If you spatchcock it, you physically cannot stuff it. If you do choose to smoke your turkey whole, it is recommended you do NOT stuff the turkey for the most part to allow the heat and smoke to get inside the turkey cavity. 
7. What internal temperature should I shoot for on a turkey? 
  • 165F no more, no less. Most people overcook poultry when they grill or smoke it drying out the meat. 165F is the ideal internal temperature. You can pull it off at 160 and foil tent it for 15 to 20 minutes. The use of a good digital thermometer cannot be emphasized more here. They are worth their weight in gold. Throw away those little plastic pop up thermometers that come with the bird. They are worthless. 
8. Can I set my turkey out on the counter to thaw or in cold water in the sink? 
  • The only true safe way to thaw any meat is in the refrigerator over time. 
9. Are there any times when I should NOT brine or inject my turkey? 
  • If the turkey has already been brined or treated (many these days have been already), do not brine or inject the turkey again or you will wind up with a bird that is to salty. Look for turkeys that are organic, non-kosher, non-enhanced, etc. 
10. Do you smoke a rib roast (Prime Rib) the same way you would a brisket?
  • No. Entirely two different types of meat. Brisket is very tough and must be cooked over a long period of time with lower heat. Rib Roast is smoked like a pork tenderloin or steak cut; rare, medium-rare, well-done, etc. 
Didn't answer your particular question? Come in and see us and we will answer that question for or at least found out the answer! 

Dan M. 
Colorado BBQ Outfitters

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