Friday, July 17, 2015

Customers are awesome

I get to the store a bit early today and notice a car parked outside and wondering if they are waiting for me to open.

I go ahead and open the store and sure enough she walks up to the door. She asks me if I carry Miner's Mix Wholly Chipotle. Of course we do! She buys 3 bottles because she has come all the way from Pueblo to get it.

We start talking and she tells me she makes the best apple pie crust. Naturally I ask her if she is willing to share her recipe. She not only says of course but proceeds to write it down for me. Her name is Karen and she gives me her phone number in case I have any questions. She is in the store so long that her husband comes in to make sure she is ok. What a sweetheart.

Next a customer comes in riding a Harley. We get to talking about motorcycles and I tell him I had my motorcycle license before my car license. He tells me about the motorcycles he had back in the day that would be worth a fortune now. He is a retired cop from Texas. We talked about good places to get barbecue in town and both agreed that we make the best bbq in town!

While talking with him a lady walks into the store. I ask her if she has any questions and she says she found what she was looking for which was Dizzy Pig seasoning. She had driven down from Parker to get it. She begins to tell me she is from Michigan so I ask here as I grew up there. Come to find out, she is from Tawas City which is a little town about 10 miles south of Oscoda an even smaller town where I spent the 70s. We reminisce for awhile before she says she will definitely be back.

Do I make a lot of money owning my own bbq store. No. Do I get huge tax breaks owning my own bbq store. No. Do I meet the nicest people owning my own bbq store. YES. And that is why I do it.

Dan MacDonald
Colorado BBQ Outfitters

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