Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A chicken treated right, will treat you right!

It's been awhile since I have blogged. Time to get back on the horse!

Today's topic is the beloved chicken. It is an incredibly easy and awesome type of meat to barbecue.

There are a few popular ways to cook a chicken:

1. Whole - usually called "beer can chicken" which eludes to sitting the whole chicken down on a can of beer and then placing it on the grill to be cooked whole. The theory is that the fragrance and steam from the liquid in the can will impart flavor to the chicken. We here at Colorado BBQ Outfitters has a great selection of beer can chicken products.

2. Cut in pieces - most of the "pros" will tell you this is a better way to bbq chicken than whole. It cooks evenly and you are assured usually of doneness. One of my favorite chicken items to smoke and/or cook are wings. Super easy and a big favorite! Colorado BBQ Outfitters carries a wing rack that makes cooking wings a piece of cake!

3. Spatchcocked or Splayed - this involves cutting out the back bone of the chicken and laying it out flat and cooking it that way. One simple method is to splay the chicken and place a foil wrapped brick on it while it is cooking. It will keep it flat and cook it more evenly.

My personal favorite is spatchcocked. I feel it cooks similar to whole but more evenly and thoroughly.

Few tips with regard to grilling/barbequing chicken:
1. Always put any seasoning UNDER the skin between the skin and the meat. The skin acts as a scuba suit so the flavoring on top of the skin will not reach the meat. With two fingers separate the skin from the meat and run your fingers up inside the skin to create a space between. Then stuff your seasoning or whatnot on the meat under the skin.
2. When checking internal temperature, check in three areas: breast, armpit, and thigh. One part of the chicken may be more done than another and we do not want anyone to get sick from your chicken!
3. To get that "golden look" after cooking, you can brush some extra virgin olive oil on the outside of the chicken while cooking.
4. Squeeze oranges or lemons over the skin of the chicken if cooking it over direct heat. This will keep the skin from drying out.
5. Assuming you have cleaned and oiled your grates before cooking, if the chicken sticks, it is not ready to be turned. Give it a few minutes and it will release.

Chicken can be grilled (direct heat) or bbq'd (low and slow heat). It is simple to do and the family will love it!

Add some sauce on the table and enjoy!

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